Vinnie Chase fans are in for a real treat, because TMZ just uncovered the real Vincent Chase and he is beyond adorable. He also wants Warner Brothers to stop using his name in the Entourage movie, because grandpas are always up to some kind of wacky shenanigans, aren't they?

Chase is an acting coach who has been teaching the craft for over 60 years, according to his website. He claims in a cease and desist letter he sent to Warner Brothers that he met Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg back in the early 90s, and Wahlberg lifted his name and likeness for the character that would one day make women around the country forget that Adrian Grenier first made a name for himself making out with Melissa Joan Hart in a quarry.

Though no legal action has been filed yet, Chase has been filing cease and desists with the Entourage producers since the days of the TV show. I think we all know what the real solution here is, right? Celebrity cameo! (Because you know, who else is going to teach Rob Gronkowski to act like himself?)