News broke on Wednesday that Charlize Theron, an actor known primarily for her SoulCycle feud with Tia Mowry, has ended her engagement with a man named Sean Penn. We reached out to Tia Mowry’s representatives for comment.

As you know, Mowry and Theron’s contentious relationship began in the summer of 2014 after Charlize rolled her eyes and said “oh my god” to Tia at SoulCycle. Soon after, Charlize allegedly demanded SoulCycle ban Tia from their studios forever. Later, Theron was allegedly rude to some other people at SoulCycle (non-famous). Incredible.

Because their feud has no doubt bound them together for life, keeping their names permanently intertwined in both their public and private lives, we thought Mowry might have some thoughts regarding the end of Theron’s engagement.

With contact information taken from—a site to which The Official Tia Mowry has linked in numerous tweets—we reached out to her listed management (Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Entertainment) and publicity (Persona PR) teams.

While we have not yet heard back from Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Entertainment, Persona PR did contact us with a comment:

From: Jordyn K. Palos
Date: June 17, 2015
To: Kelly Conaboy

We don’t rep Tia Mowry…


Wow—just incredible.

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