Many days of Kristin ago, the world ceased to rotate on its axis for one brief moment when someone—specifically Kristin’s husband Jay Cutler’s coworker Kyle Long—stated that actress Olivia Munn was hotter than future author Kristin Cavallari. Breaking her legendary silence on the matter, Kristin remarked to Us Weekly last night that Kyle was just joking.

She explained:

Kyle’s like a brother to me. He’s Jay’s best friend so I was 100 percent joking. I think the question was, “Whose girlfriend do you like better: Aaron Rodgers or Cuttie’s?” And he said, “Well Cuttie’s married and I like The Newsroom.” He was 100 percent politically correct.

[They] took it like I was really mad about it and I think I’m hotter than Olivia Munn. Which is completely ridiculous. It was taken way out of context, it was really just supposed to be a silly joke. Kyle’s literally like a brother.

100% x 100% = completely ridiculous silly joke, literally. Kristin loved Kyle’s joke so much she’s still laughing. Jay’s always like, “Kristin, stop laughing, you’re going to hack up a lung,” and Kristin just goes “Hahahahahaha Oliviaaaaaaa.”

So yeah, it’s cool. When asked if she and Jay would hang out with Aaron and Olivia now, Kristin responded:

I’ve never met Olivia Munn but yeah. It has nothing to do with the fact that they’re on the rival team. We would 100 percent hang out with them.

With all the percents Kristin can imagine, yes.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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