Kristin Cavallari promises that Balancing on Heels, her debut book due out in 491 days, will be chock full of health tips, fitness tips, and recipe tips. Today, she offered us a tip for free in the form of a post on her eponymous app titled "Maple Syrup vs Agave," by Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin reveals in the post, "About 4 months ago I stopped using agave and made the switch to maple syrup."


"Agave isn't what we thought it was," says Kristin, solemnly. She explains:

This decision came when I read a few articles listing the benefits of maple syrup and stumbled upon a different one stating that agave isn't what we thought it was. Agave contains fructose which actually may make you gain weight, whereas maple syrup has antioxidants and high levels of zinc and magnesium which boost the immune system.

Sounds like Kristin will believe just about anything she reads in an article one time. Here's a fact for Kristin: The moon is fake.

Given what we now know of the dangers of agave (actually may make us gain weight), it seems insane that we were ever encouraged to use it in the first place. Who are the corrupt community leaders who led us astray, like doctors endorsing cigarettes in the sixties? Oh, Kristin. :(

I think I have a couple recipes on this app that contain agave so just swap it or [sic] for maple syrup.

Hopefully we can trust her on the science this time. So just what are we supposed to do with all this maple syrup, anyway? Kristin offers a recipe:

I've also been putting up to 1/4 cup maple syrup in my almond milk. Yum.

A glass of milk with a quarter cup of maple syrup in it. A nice healthy snack.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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