The ongoing debate over whether or not children should be vaccinated has increased in volume and urgency this winter, in the wake of a nationwide measles outbreak that has now topped 100 cases. While we must wait 492 more days to read former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari's thoughts on the matter in her debut book, Balancing on Heels, we can look at what she's said on the topic in the past to guide our discussion today.

In a recent poll hosted by an online physicians community called SERMO, Ninety-two percent of over 3,000 respondents agreed that this recent measles outbreak, which began in Disneyland, is directly attributable to parents not vaccinating their children. What does Kristin say? "One in 88 boys is autistic which is a really scary statistic."

Last March, while pregnant with her second child Jax, Kristin admitted on Fox News that she does not plan to ever vaccinate her children due to her autism fears. She explained:

You know what, I've read too many books about autism, and the studies...There is a pediatric group called "Homestead"...or...shoot—"Homestead" or "Home First." Now I'm pregnancy brain, I gotta confuse them...but they've never vaccinated any of their children and they've never had one case of autism. And now, one in 88 boys is autistic which is a really scary statistic.

Kristin confirmed her stance on scary statistics when questioned further, reiterating that "I've ready too many books about autism, and there's some scary statistics out there."

It's not often Kristin is publicly accused of reading "too many" books, even by herself. Which books? Hopefully Kristin will carefully cite them all (APA style preferred) in Balancing on Heels.

Speaking of books: For further reading today, you might enjoy, "Culprits of Autism Identified," recently published by science detective Kristin Cavallari on the Kristin Cavallari app, and/or "Vaccines not associated with risk of autism," published by the Centers for Disease Control in 2013, located here.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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