There are many ways for a woman's body to look a little off. It could be "pear shape." It could seem pregnant when it is not pregnant. It could have a tummy. Luckily, Kristin has typed up swimsuit shopping advice for women who possess all of these cursed forms, as well as for women who have—no offense—small busts.

In a post on her eponymous app titled "Best Bathing Suit for Different Body Types," Kristin writes, "If you have a small bust: suits with some fringe or embellishment on the bust completely enhance the area." Like this:

You could also get a boob job, but who would know anything about that?

On Monday, we will reveal Kristin's final piece of swimsuit shopping advice, which is for girls who are like Kristin.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via the Kristin Cavallari app, Getty]