Today we will reveal another droplet of bikini wisdom from Kristin Cavallari, who recently typed up her thoughts on swimsuit shopping for a post on her eponymous iPhone app titled, "Best Bathing Suit For Different Body Types."

We have already relayed Kristin's messages for "curvy" and "pear shape" girls. Below, we have reprinted Kristin's swimsuit shopping advice for girls "with a little tummy."

Attention all women with tummies: If yours is little, read on. If yours is big, Kristin has nothing to say to you.

Under the heading "If you have a little tummy," Kristin writes:

If you are a little self conscious about your middle then these suits are perfect for you. They are incredibly sexy while hiding your problem area.

Here is an example of these suits that are perfect for you:

If you are a little self-conscious—and why wouldn't you be?—try wearing flower-printed Spanx that exactly bifurcate your navel.

Tomorrow: Kristin offers suggestions for small-busted girls.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via the Kristin Cavallari app, Getty]