Kristin Cavallari recently took time out of her busy schedule writing a controversial anatomy textbook to offer swimsuit shopping advice to the women who have, either on purpose or through error, downloaded her eponymous iPhone app.

Yesterday, we relayed Kristin's advice for "curvy" girls as recounted in the "Best Bathing Suit For Different Body Types" post. (That advice: Maternity wear.)

Today, we'll reveal her suggestions for women who are "pear shape." Are you pear shape?

If you're not sure, look in the mirror. Is pear shape staring back at you? Yes? Then look alive! Here's Kristin's advice:

If you are pear shape: suits with little skirts are great for this body type. They subtly hide your curves making you feel more confident at the beach.

She offers this photo as an example:

It's O.K. to feel confident, even if you are shape like pear.

Tomorrow, we will spotlight Kristin's advice for girls with "little tummies."

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via the Kristin Cavallari app, Getty]