In 2006, Kristin Cavallari—whose debut book drops in 440 days—hosted a little-watched reality show called Get This Party Started on UPN. Here's a paper advertisement for it. The program ran for only two episodes during the month of February, but at least five more were taped, never to air.

According to Wikipedia, Get This Party Started "set out to throw surprise parties for deserving people by their friends and family [sic]. Hosts Ethan Erickson and Kristin Cavallari worked with Lara Shriftman, a special events coordinator, and a team of celebrity event planners to create a unique and extravagant party for a different person each week." An old casting call for the show is more specific: "These parties aren't for celebs or anybody famous but for regular peeps who have gone through really rough times—and the more tragic their life stories are, the more lavish the parties will be."

Today, we interview a guest who attended one of those unseen parties.

Our tipster, whom we'll call Emily, reports that the party she attended was for the birthday of a deserving set of twins from Ohio. The official reason the twins were chosen is "cloudy to me at this point," Emily says, but it was "not like they both had cancer, or they were separated their entire lives and met at the party. I think it was seriously that one lived with their dad and the other their mom, and [they] had to go to different high schools in the same region of Ohio."

This tragic life story warranted an elaborate roller skating party with sick goodie bags, according to Emily. She recalls:

It was this whole thing in a skating rink, and we all had to sign non disclosure agreements and weren't allowed to know what this mysterious event we were invited to was until we got there. It was very bizarre. A lot of us thought we were going to be on reality TV because of our cheer team[A/N: Emily was a cheerleader on the same squad as one of the twins], and our imaginations went wild. Turns out, it was a birthday party...

So yeah, skating rink party was the theme I guess. In retrospect [it was] not that much more spectacular than a regular middle class, teen birthday party. They did little segments with the Dylan's Candy Bar people and a "stylist" who carried around a poodle, and we skated around to music dead sober, and we got to take our pictures on a real live polaroid camera with Kristin who was super nice, actually. She was tiny, and if I remember correctly wearing a metallic ruched top.

Kristin was nice? Emily elaborates:

She graciously took pictures with all of us, and I remember her talking to some of the girls about boys or whatever, like she was one of us. I took a picture with her and she complimented me, which she obviously did not have to do. It was really sweet and I brag about it all the time lol. "You're really gorgeous, by the way," she said to me afterwards. Wow. So yeah, there were no diva-like tendencies that I witnessed. ...

Also, it was my first time in rollerblades, and before doing some reveal take we were all standing very quietly in a group, and I just fell on my ass. Because of standing. Kristin seemed genuinely concerned that I was okay, which was sweet and embarrassing.

While Emily offers that Kristin might just be "chill unlike her reality TV alter ego," she also provided an alternative theory that might explain Kristin's uncharacteristically nurturing behavior:

Possibly because she also knew this TV show was likely garbage, and maybe she was even a little embarrassed to be there.

Most importantly, Emily walked away with mementos she'll treasure forever.

They gave us gift bag type-things [including] a Kimora Lee Simmons brand lip gloss that I thought was cool because it retailed at $16, [which] I found out after some research. Oh, and a pair of Express jeans with our NAMES embroidered into the pocket.

Emily says that she and her friends didn't realize right away that the episode would forever remain in the UPN vault. "When the show didn't air it was after a really long wait so we kind of forgot about it a little," she says. "We kept wondering what was going on with it, and it got kind of suspicious, and then I remember hearing through the grapevine that it wasn't going to air. I'm sure the twins were pretty upset, but...they got free stuff and a weird party out of it, at least."

Emily notes that the twins had already made it to TV, however, on an episode of Tyra in 2005.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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