On the 58th day of Kristin, I revealed that I had recently discovered a rare piece of Kristin Cavallari memorabilia on eBay: a magazine page advertising a little-seen reality show called Get This Party Started, hosted by Kristin. The bidding started and ended at $5.99, and today I can reveal that the high bidder was: me! I did it. (I also paid an additional $3.00 for standard shipping.)

Before I was to claim my prize, however, the seller had a question for me. I received her query via email:

This was a sobering communication to receive, because it reminded me that 1) to the professionals at eBay, I looked like just another eBay n00b in way over my head, 2) I created an eBay account specifically to buy a ripped out magazine page advertising a failed Kristin Cavallari reality show, and 3) this purchase was a tremendous waste of six dollars (plus three dollars shipping); such a tremendous waste that even the person selling the item was concerned she was tricking me into buying it.

I decided to purchase the ad page all the same. Here it is, encased in the plastic it came in, so that it may be preserved after I die:

The other side is an advertisement for the now-defunct mobile company Amp'd Mobile.

While I will certainly appreciate this artifact of a January long gone by for years to come, I unfortunately was unable to glean much more information about Get This Party Started from it, apart from 1) the claim that the show was "the coolest party with the hottest guest list" and 2) the fact that it aired on Tuesday nights. (For two Tuesday nights, anyway.)

So let me put out another call for tips: Did you ever see the show? Attend one of the parties? Meet Kristin in real life? Reader stories have already started rolling in (on which more later), but we have only begun to get this Get This Party Started party started.

Leave your tips in the comments below or email them to me directly at allie@gawker.com.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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