While searching for Kristin Cavallari memorabilia on eBay a couple of weeks ago, I came across a rare and curious item: a magazine ad page for a little-seen reality show hosted by Kristin called Get This Party Started.

The seller described the item thusly:

This magazine ad (which ran in publications as a promotion, and measures approximately 8x10.5 inches) has some printers creasing and general wear, but is still in pretty good shape! Not a photocopy or more recent reproduction. The images on the back are showing through some.

According to Wikipedia, the show aired for one week on UPN in February 2006 before getting cancelled. Did you see it? I did not.

Even though I was unfamiliar with the show—which is, as Wikipedia points out, is not to be confused with the P!nk song "Get the Party Started"—I decided to bid on the ad page, which ultimately sold for $5.99.

Was I the high bidder? You'll have to check back tomorrow to find out. For now, I turn to you, reader, for help in my quest to determine what this freakin' show was about.

Do you have any physical evidence that Get This Party Started, hosted by Kristin Cavallari, existed? Did you see one of its two episodes with each of your own two eyes? According to Wikipedia, the series "set out to throw surprise parties for deserving people." (?) Maybe you went to one of those parties! Or maybe you just deserve one. If you have any information, please comment below or email allie@gawker.com.

One last note from Wikipedia that may be pertinent: "The show ended up last out of the 156 programs which aired on the six major American broadcast networks in the 2005-06 season."

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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