As you may have read in Meredith Vieira's increasingly desperate emails to you, Kristin Cavallari appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show on Monday. She wore a piped collar, she talked about her son's urination habits, and according to a tipster, she did not chill with anyone besides herself.

A source who was present backstage at the taping tells us that Kristin "just still seems mean." Why? Well, according to our source:

Everyone else who was a guest [on the show] chilled in the halls and watched the live taping together—Don Lemon, Pat Kiernan from NY1, the woman who was on for getting abused...legit everyone on the show hung out and chatted except Kristin. She stayed in her dressing room the whole time—they even ran [dress rehearsal] with a stand in—and then [she came out with] a SWARM of entourage, and you could barely see her except her little toothpick legs. Didn't stop to say hey to anyone. I only saw her face backstage when her segment wrapped, giving half-assed "thank yous" to the crew when they were taking off her mic.

Kristin did not say "hey" to Don Lemon. She did not say "hey" to Pat Kiernan from NY1. And she certainly did not chill with the woman who was on for getting abused.

Though Kristin's behavior apparently remains unchanged since high school, there may be a silver lining. Our source muses, "The whole time I watched her interview I was like, 'Thank god she has sons because guys thrive with bitch moms, whereas she'd probably make a daughter want to kill herself.'"

A stunning theory that I could not improve.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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