During future author Kristin Cavallari's appearance on the ratings-challenged Meredith Viera Show yesterday, the two discussed, among other things, best practices for urine disposal. Kristin revealed that although she has neglected some parental duties, such as vaccination against deadly diseases, she has embraced others, such as: "potty training. "

Kristin told Meredith that her husband, the football player Jay Cutler, has been helping with this task. She explained:

Jay has [two-year-old Camden] peeing in the backyard. That's how we initially potty trained him. We potty trained him last summer, so he was naked all the time. He got to run around naked. Jay thought it would be a good idea to have him peeing in the grass. Luckily now he is peeing inside.

Meredith, perhaps eager to pump up the broadcast, then offered an anecdote of her own. "I have great memories camping out with the kids, and they all peed," she said. "I did too. I thought it was great."

Kristin did not think that was great.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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