It is Tuesday, February 24, 2015, and inspiration has struck Kristin Cavallari like a lightning bolt. In a post on Instagram titled "Oscar INSPO," Kristin reveals that one thing made her think of another thing. Lucky for her and us, she wrote it down, and now that thought is preserved forever, a pillbug in amber.

"Sienna Miller was my favorite from The Oscars," Kristin explains in the caption of her Instagram. "Her dress had me thinking of my Kamryn pump."

Her dress had me thinking of my Kamryn pump.

Hmm. It's unclear what exactly about Sienna Miller's dress made Kristin think of her Kamryn pump—available on for $149.95—but that's not a mystery for us to solve today. One we might ponder, however, is why Kristin named a pump "Kamryn" in the first place. Did she think "Cameron" was trademarked?

Was she concerned "Kameron" was too common?

Does she not care to publicize words with more than two syllables?

Kamryn. She was just thinking of it.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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