Kim Kardashian currently stars on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kristin Cavallari used to star on the reality show The Hills. You might think the similarities between the two end there, but you’re wrong, because Kristin and Kim Kardashian also dress alike, because Kristin copies Kim Kardashian. (Busted!!!!!)

It’s true—please see the Us Weekly report from last week, titled, “Kristin Cavallari Cribs Kim Kardashian’s Go-To Pregnancy Style—But Who Wore It Best?”

Kristin and Kim Kardashian did recently wear similar “maternity” dresses, as you can see in the photos provided by Us Weekly. So who wore it best? According to Us Weekly’s poll:


Kristin is slaying it.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photo via Getty]