Kristin Cavallari has revealed to us the secrets of bone broth, the foibles of agave, and the number of calories in one scoop of sour cream (too many). Today, 475 days before the publication of her debut book Balancing on Heels, she reveals the most important bit of diet advice she's picked up on the Occupy Monsanto message boards so far: "eat fermented food."

In a post on her eponymous app titled "Fermented Food," Kristin implores us: "If you only pick up one tip from my app, have this be the one: start eating fermented food. I would argue that it is the most beneficial thing you could put into your body."

Pity the man of such little time he is only able to pick up one tip from Kristin's app. But O.K., Kristin. Why?

Since fermented food is a probiotic power house it balances out the gut which makes you able to absorb nutrients better. [...] With fermented food you will have improved digestion and a boosted immune system.

Which makes you able to absorb nutrients better—sure. And beautifully phrased. So what are the top fermented foods, Kristin?

The top fermented foods are sauerkraut, kimchi, different veggies, miso, and drinks like kombucha and kefir.

Different veggies.

Finally, Kristin reveals that not only are fermented foods suitable for adults who have downloaded and then closely read the Kristin Cavallari app; they can also be used as a substitute for a child's EpiPen®. She explains:

Next I'm going to ferment vegetables and puree them for Jax..he has a few allergies which makes me think his gut bacteria is thrown off.

Kristin Cavallari did not vaccinate her kids.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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