For the alleged benefit of those who have downloaded the Official Kristin Cavallari App for iPhone and Android, Kristin Cavallari announced at the beginning of football season that she would release one of her favorite tailgating recipes each week on the app.

The first week, she posted a recipe for “cheeseless queso”—something nobody wants. Additionally, Kristin marked this recipe as “exclusive content.” Exclusive content on Kristin’s app costs $2.99 per month.

The next week, Kristin posted a recipe for “stuffed jalapeños.” Again, she charged her followers $2.99 to view it. However: Kristin already released this recipe to the public, for free, via YouTube last year. She called her creation “jalapeño poppers” back then, but photographic evidence shows that “stuffed jalapeños” and “jalapeño poppers” differ only in name.

This week, Kristin posted another recipe on the app, one for “bacon-wrapped butternut squash.” Also $2.99. Unless you want to watch this free YouTube video, also from last year, in which Kristin demonstrates how to make “bacon-wrapped butternut squash.”

And so Kristin’s contempt for her followers becomes more apparent with each passing week. Her Super Bowl tailgating recipe will simply be called, “Fuck U Idiot.”

(I’m guessing.)

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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