When Kristin Cavallari's debut book Balancing on Heels drops, it will be springtime (2016). But when Kristin visited the Empire State to attend New York Fashion Week yesterday, it was 28 degrees below freezing (4°F). Naturally, she wore winter white:

Kristin later showed off her outfit in an Instagram post, where she embraced the medium of Instagram caption to defend sartorial freedom:

***a friend told me how hilarious these comments were so I actually went on and looked. This is definitely NYC...I took my jacket off for 2 seconds when I saw there was paparazzi. I was hosting something all day inside was I was perfectly fine. Can everyone relax now?!

Kristin took her jacket off for two seconds when she saw there was paparazzi.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via Getty, Splash News]