Like a C-student proudly delivering completed homework to the teacher for the first time all semester, Kristin Cavallari announced progress on her forthcoming book today, the 200th day of Kristin. One hundred days have passed since Defamer last evaluated her work on Balancing in Heels (formerly known as Balancing on Heels, Kristin’s original idea for the title), and today, we can officially state that Kristin has accomplished at least one item during that time period.

She narrowed down her options for the cover image of her book to two.

“It’s finally here!!!” Kristin announced this morning in the caption of the Instagram photo below. “I want you guys to pick which book cover you like better!! This is option 1... #BalancingInHeels”

And “this is option 2...”

Blue outfit or black outfit? Hair parted on the side or in the middle? Balanced or—no offense—a little off balance? Yellow heels or I love the yellow heels, the yellow heels should definitely be on the cover of the book.

Perhaps in another hundred days Kristin will reveal which option she picked.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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