Flaubert once noted that "the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." This couldn't be more true for Kristin Cavallari, who is discovering through writing that she believes in carbs, but only some carbs—not the white ones. On the 498th day before her game-changing tip book Balancing on Heels drops, Kristin has made us a food diary.

Kristin's sometime-employer E! News assigned her to keep a diary of her experience at the Miss Universe pageant this weekend, where she served as a judge. While the diary was meant to cover her entire experience at the event, Kristin instead wrote an itemized list of everything she ate for 48 hours. It's so calorie-focused that E! was forced to title it "Kristin Cavallari's 2014 Miss Universe Diary: Judge Enjoys Fish Tacos, Chocolate and Laughs Before Pageant—See Photos!" Here's a sampling of what KC wrote about her weekend:

  • "Eating breakfast and going over my schedule."
  • "Lunch was fish tacos. I ate with my publicist who is in town with me. I ate everything but the sour cream."
  • "Got a mini workout in. Sometimes I use water bottles as 'weights' if I have nothing else while traveling. I do lunges and dips around my room."
  • "Sipping on green tea while getting my nails done."
  • "Having a lot of laughs with the other judges at dinner."
  • "I snuck in a little chocolate before walking out."
  • "First thing I did this morning was chug some powdered greens mixed with water. I get the travel ones from Amazing Grass."
  • "...I ate the potatoes but I usually don't. Then I ate breakfast on my patio and enjoyed the sun. I didn't eat the bread...I do eat carbs but not white ones."

These are all beautiful sentences and sentence fragments, and hopefully we'll get to read some of them again in 498 days, printed in a book written by author Kristin Cavallari.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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