Last week, we recounted the time in 2010 that Kristin Cavallari publicly offered advice to Lindsay Lohan via a CNN reporter at Comic-Con. The advice—for a recently incarcerated Lindsay—was this:

Even, like, when it comes down to parking tickets, pay your parking tickets on time! Just make sure everything is taken care of so that things don’t follow you and then all of a sudden you’re knee-deep in DUIs or parking tickets or whatever it is. Handle everything as it comes in.

Three years later, thoughtful Kristin was rudely stopped by police for speeding in her adopted city of Chicago (which she hates). Kristin was then forced to go downtown and post bail?!! because she did not have an Illinois license.

According to the Chicago Tribune, she posted $150 bond at the police station.

Kristin’s defense for not carrying the proper license...

...was denied.

What a morning.

What a life.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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