As she will proudly tell you, fledgling memoirist Kristin Cavallari named her one of her sons “Camden” and the other “Jaxon.” While no other Earth child currently carries the name Jaxon, there are other Camdens. One of those lesser Camdens, in particular, makes Kristin feel bitchy.

Who is it? And why? Let’s first lay out some facts.

Did you know that, around the time of his divorce from Jessica Simpson in 2006, Kristin briefly dated Nick Lachey? Did you also know that right after that or possibly while they were still dating Nick began seeing his current wife Vanessa Minnillo? Did it ever occur to you that that was rude? Were you aware that Kristin actually moved on with her life and had her first child—named Camden Jack Cutler—on August 8, 2012 with a football player? Do you ever scream and scream for hours and nobody hears you?

Did you know that on September 12, 2012—one month after Camden Jack Cuter was born—Nick Lachey named his son Camden John Lachey?

Maybe now you understand what I’m talking about. Oh, and by the way:

Obviously Kristin loves the name Camden and spent a lot of time thinking about it and embroidering baby blankets with it and memorizing its meaning: “New Jersey.” She’s glad “other people” love it. She’s glad everyone loves it.

We can all joke about this now, ha ha.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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