It appears Kristin Cavallari, whose debut book Balancing on Heels is due out in 483 days, has been doing some non-book-related writing. While freelancing shorter pieces for respected outlets is a great way to promote a forthcoming memoir, it is not customary to write passages for free on the Kristin Cavallari Wikipedia page.

Kristin, look me in the face and tell me you did not write the following paragraph about your tenure on Dancing With the Stars, Season 13 in the Wikipedia entry titled "Kristin Cavallari."

The passage reads:

Cavallari was on the thirteenth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars and partnered with two-time champion, Mark Ballas. Despite having high scores, Cavallari was the third to be eliminated, shocking the audience, judges, and fellow dancers alike. One of the judges, Len Goodman, commented that he expected to see Cavallari dancing in the final. The cumulative average of Cavallari's dances were higher than of contestants who had lasted twice as long as she did.

Look me in the face, Kristin.

You cannot.


See you tomorrow.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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