Kristin Cavallari, whose debut book Balancing in Heels (f.k.a Balancing on Heels) is due out in 346 days, is even more stylish than we thought—according to the “we” who work at In a recent blog post titled, “9 Reasons Kristin Cavallari Is Even More Stylish Than We Thought,” the magazine website lays out its dubious case.

Is she? Even more stylish? Than we (they?) thought? Let’s consult the evidence.

500 Days of Kristin has been counting down’s reasons for many, many days now in an effort to consider the individual merits of each. Here are the first eight:

  1. “She’s getting ready for long hair again.”
  2. “She’s not superstitious about her game day outfit (or meal!)”
  3. “Her sons are really starting to get into game day style.”
  4. “She thinks NFL fans need to get more involved in Pinterest.”
  5. “She’s still holding on to her first pair of Loubs.”
  6. “There’s one red carpet dress she really regrets.”
  7. “Jay picks out all his pre-game suits.”
  8. “And he’s very honest when it comes to her wardrobe.”

Amazing that someone at was able to come up with all of those, and yet, there is one more.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

“She’s almost done writing her new lifestyle book, Balancing on Heels.

A note before we discuss: This final “reason” has been rendered technically inaccurate by the fact that it’s taken us weeks to count down all of’s reasons, during which time Kristin’s life has moved forward. Kristin is actually done writing her book now, according to Kristin, and she’s calling it Balancing in Heels, not Balancing on Heels (which was the original title—please do not forget that this was the original title).

That being said, here’s what Kristin had to say to about being almost done writing her book back when she was almost done writing her book (NB: If she wrote her book like she “writes” her app posts, she probably finished in 2005):

I’m really, really excited for it. It’s been a lot, to be honest, but it’s been fun. The book has been great just because I can write whenever I want, and I typically write during naptime or after the boys go to bed, or Jay has taken the boys and watched them and given me a couple of hours in the afternoon to write, which has been really helpful. I’ve found it to be incredibly therapeutic, and I’m really excited for everyone to read it in the next year and have a peek inside my life.

Nice to know that Kristin is getting the therapy she needs, but the big question remains:

Is Kristin even more stylish than we thought?

If the answer is not yet apparent to you, please consult your local religious leader or a trusted adult.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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