One year ago this month, Kristin Cavallari went shopping. I mean, of course she did, but I know for a fact she went shopping at a certain bargain home furnishings chain store in Los Angeles because there are many, many, many meticulously staged paparazzi photos of this shopping excursion available for purchase and publication online.

Here’s one:

You can tell from Kristin’s color-coordinated outfit, natural pose, subtle make-up, carefully tousled beachy waves, and the fact that she has but a single pink pillow inside her enormous HomeGoods® shopping bag that this shopping day was just like any other.

(Actually what you can tell is that, prior to this outing, Kristin had no idea what a HomeGoods® shopping bag looked like, which is why she accidentally dressed in a nearly identical print for her spontaneous trip. Oh, Kristin.)

Kristin went to her favorite store which is HomeGoods® and surveyed the merchandise. She made her selection, choosing just one item, most likely randomly.

And then she carried her own bag.

All the way to her car.

Very slowly.

There was a lot of time for the paparazzi to take photos.

So many of them! There are currently 38 different photos of Kristin holding that shopping bag on Can a gal get a little privacy around here while shopping at HomeGoods® which she loves?

We can’t say for sure what happened to Kristin after she left the parking lot of her favorite store that day—there aren’t any paparazzi photos of that. Maybe she drove home to figure out where to put her new pillow or went to pick up a check from HomeGoods® or something.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via Getty and Splash News]