Is Kristin Cavallari even more stylish than we thought?

This is the question we must ask ourselves every night before we go to sleep and then again every hour after sleepless hour until morning comes, when we go to work and consider it some more, on and on until we die. Is she? Even more stylish than we thought? In a recent blog post titled, “9 Reasons Kristin Cavallari Is Even More Stylish Than We Thought,” People magazine makes the case no one else has dared to make before.

We have already discussed several of People’s reasons: Kristin is “getting ready for long hair again;” she’s “not superstitious about her game day outfit (or meal!);” her toddler sons are “really getting into game day style;” she thinks “NFL fans need to get more involved on Pinterest;” there is “one red carpet dress she really regrets.” All of these are ostensibly facts—whether they are “reasons Kristin Cavallari is even more stylish than we thought” should be decided by a higher court.

Nonetheless, today we present two more pieces of evidence from People. Reason #1 is as follows:

“Jay picks out all his pre-game suits.”

Kristin, who is married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, explains:

He’s actually really good when it comes to style, but sometimes he wants my opinion on which suit I like better, which is funny because if I say I don’t like something, he’ll wear it just to spite me.

Reason #2 is just a continuation of Kristin’s above thought, but here it is:

“And he’s very honest when it comes to her wardrobe.”

Per Kristin:

If I want his opinion he’ll give it to me. But there have been times that he says he doesn’t like something and I’ve worn it anyways.

Kristin has opinions; Jay has opinions; sometimes Jay will wear something just to spite Kristin; Jay picks out his own clothes (good boy).

Anyways: Does all this mean Kristin is even more stylish than we thought?

Please state your opinion for the record.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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