Kristin Cavallari has all kinds of advice: drink bone broth; don’t vaccinate your children; buy my book; blah, blah blah. Yesterday, she offered another bit of her trademark uninformed counsel to fantasy football players: pick her husband, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, first round in the fantasy draft.

Kristin confidently issued this command in a sidewalk interview with TMZ Sports.

For those not tethered to the fantasy football world or reality in general, “pick Jay Cutler first round in your fantasy football draft” is not good advice. Here’s how some fantasy football aficionados from Gawker and responded when informed of Kristin’s recommendation:

“No one will draft him in any round.”

“That’s very, very bad advice.”

“Oh, she’s wrong as hell.”

Cutler did receive one compliment:

“He’s not the worst player but picking him first in a fantasy football draft is an incredibly poor decision.”

Kind of.

The experts at currently rank Cutler 18th out of the 32 starting quarterbacks, which means they expect 17 QBs to outperform him next season. What’s more, Cutler’s ranked 23rd by fantasy players who are already prepping for next season.

He is making a lot of money, though. :)

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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