In a recent interview with Elle (dot com), Kristin Cavallari made a characteristically aggressive statement about her adopted city of Chicago: “Chicago’s just not home.” The people of the Big Onion were upset, or course—not that Kristin cares. Her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, is now working feverishly to mend some bombed out, totally destroyed, most likely utterly irreparable fences.

In order to keep the peace as he rides out the last five years of his multi-million dollar contract, Jay told ESPN this weekend that Kristin’s hateful words were “taken out of context.” He then insisted:

We have family in Chicago. We have a house in Chicago. Our roots are in Chicago. We love being there.

Do we?

Here is the full text surrounding Kristin’s comment, from Elle (dot com):

...[T]hough the family—who is expecting its fifth member—is very rarely in Nashville, this is where, “if all goes according to plan,” Cavallari says diplomatically, they hope to settle down when Cutler’s six-year contract concludes. “Jay hates L.A.,” Cavallari says with the clipped laugh that once seemed sarcastic on TV, but now reads as knowingly tolerant. “And Chicago’s just not home.”

Reads pretty clearly to me, but let’s give Kristin the benefit of the doubt. Has she ever said something like this before?

Hmm, well, it appears that yes she has, practically verbatim. In a recent episode of a Revlon-sponsored web series that we discussed yesterday, Kristin tells this story:

My husband, I first met him—I was living in LA at the time, he was in Chicago—and I flew back to Chicago. We hung out one night and decided to go to Nashville the next day, barely knowing him. And now five years later we actually have a house in Nashville, and that’s where we want to live when he’s done playing football in five years.

Enjoy your colossal pizzas and tomato hot dogs, Chicago. Kristin’s getting the fuck out!

In fact, Kristin’s complaints about the Windy City are long-documented. While things between to the two started out hot and heavy in 2010...

By 2011, the romance had fizzled.

Been doused with water.

Been drenched with Purple-K flame extinguishing agent.

Been heroically suppressed with the combined efforts of over a dozen volunteer fire departments, resulting in minimal loss of life, for which we are grateful.

It’s beautiful in Nashville this time of year.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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