Kristin Cavallari has promised us many things over the last 148 days: a review of Krill oil, a “cute new web series,” and of course, a book about her life. She has finally delivered on one of those pledges—can you guess which one?

Cuteeee neeeew weeeb serieeeees!!!!! Though Kristin’s twitter has been oddly quiet about this endeavor, she has already filmed at least four episodes of the show, which is sponsored by Revlon cosmetics and presented by Cosmopolitan dot com. What’s it about? Love, of course.

As Kristin explains in the opening credits, the show is committed to helping “women struggling with their love lives get back out there.” Kristin assists these single ladies by 1) talking to them, and 2) letting them use her makeup artist and a wide array of Revlon products to get ready for blind dates. The majority of the five-minute show is filmed while the episode’s dateless nerd gets her makeup done. Kristin, ever the consummate professional, does not miss a beat as the sad Cathy tries to answer questions through a face full of makeup brushes.

In one of the first episodes, Kristin helps a “twentysomething world traveler”—whose age is presented in a video graphic as “29”—prepare for a “mixology” date in Los Angeles. (As Kristin’s makeup artist says in the installment, “We all have features, and it’s nice to create a little more accentuation of them.”) It goes like this:

Elyse’s date takes place at the Page 71 Lounge in Studio City, which earned a solid 3.5 stars on Yelp.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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