As avid readers of the Official Kristin Cavallari App for iPhone and Android may remember, Kristin posted a “healthy living” tip about taking magnesium supplements on the app almost one year ago. The post itself is innocuous: Kristin takes magnesium because she thinks it will cure what so dreadfully ails her; she reminds the public that this is just her opinion and she is “obviously not a doctor.”

But within the post there is a promise—tossed out casually in a parenthetical, but a promise all the same—from Kristin. A promise to tell us about Krill oil. Kristin wrote in the post:

I take Omega-3 supplements (next I’m trying Krill Oil..will keep you posted on that), I take a probiotic, and drink my greens in the morning.

Kristin, I’m afraid, has not kept us posted on that. (Krill oil.)

She wrote that she was going to try the supplement—which to my knowledge is something Dr. Mercola made up in his basement—“next.” That was in July 2014. Since then, Kristin has not so much as tweeted the word “Krill.”

Where is the definitive Kristin Krill oil review?

There is a chance, I guess, that it could show up in a book to be published one million moons from now.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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