While some people spend their days leading hiking tours of state parks or teaching algebra to our nation’s youth, others—namely the eponymous people at People magazine—spend their days coming up with reasons that Kristin Cavallari is even more stylish than we thought. (We at Defamer spend our days analyzing those reasons.)

In a recent blog post titled “9 Reasons Kristin Cavallari Is Even More Stylish Than We Thought,” People.com offers some new facts about Kristin to support its conclusion that not only is Kristin stylish, she is even more stylish than we—all seven billion* of us on Earth—thought. We’ve covered some of the reasons already in previous posts: “she’s not superstitious about her game day outfit (or meal!);” “she’s getting ready for long hair again;” “her sons are really starting to get into game day style;” “she thinks NFL fans need to get more involved with Pinterest.”

Damn, you’re probably already convinced by now that Kristin is even more stylish than we thought—but just in case, here’s one more reason:

“She’s still holding on to her first pair of Loubs.”

Kristin explains:

I’m the opposite of a hoarder—I love going in there [her closet] and getting rid of stuff. So I don’t think I have anything that’s too old. But I guess probably the first pair of Louboutins I bought when I was 18, that was a really big deal for me, to be able to afford my own pair of Louboutins. So I still have those.

O.K. What about the choker?

*This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that there are roughly seven billion Kristin fans on Earth, not six billion. 500 Days of Kristin regrets the error.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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