Spring’s dramatic weather fluctuations have lately made dressing difficult for some—but Kristin Cavallari’s style is only getting more stylish and good. We think. We thought? Who knows; let’s ask People.

In a blog post on the magazine’s site titled, “9 Reasons Kristin Cavallari Is Even More Stylish Than We Thought,” the author—who will remain nameless out of respect—argues that nine new facts about Kristin prove she is even more stylish than we thought.

We have discussed two of these reasons already: 1) Kristin is “getting ready for long hair again” and 2) Kristin is “not superstitious about her game day outfit (or meal!)”

Here is a third reason, according to People, that may convince you:

“Her sons are really starting to get into game day style.”

Kristin, who is married to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, elaborates:

I love dressing my boys up every game, and get a ton of inspiration on Pinterest. Last year, my oldest son Camden really knew when Jay was on TV and he really understands it now, so it makes it a lot of fun. And this year I’ll take him to all the games, so it’s gonna be an exciting season.

You know the old saying: Put clothes on a baby, put yourself in Vogue...baby!

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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