As Memorial Day prompts us to remember the fallen soldiers who fought for our country, so too are we reminded that Kristin Cavallari once attended a Marine Corps Ball in San Diego, California. In 2011, Kristin said “yes” to Lance Cpl. Jonathan Burkett when he asked her to the dance on Twitter.

Burkett told to E! News after the event that he did not have to do much persuading to get Kristin to attend. “She wrote back so quick it just caught me off guard completely,” he said.

According to E!, Kristin wore a “Grecian-style gown by Maria Lucian-Hohan, accented simply with diamond earrings, moonstone bangles and a chunky cocktail ring.”

While Burkett told E! he “had a blast” with Kristin at the ball, his own mother was confused by his choice of date. TMZ reported at the time:

Burkett’s mom [says] she’s not sure why her son chose KC, but she thinks it was a “cool” and “gutsy” thing to do.

Burkett explained himself to E! this way: “What made me ask Kristin to the ball? I always thought she was a beautiful girl.”

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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