We all have our missions in this life. For some, their mission is to create. For others, their mission is to heal. For still others, their mission is to teach; that’s Kristin Cavallari’s mission—to teach about Kristin Cavallari.

And that’s what she intends to do, in her book-length instructional life pamphlet, Balancing in Heels, slamming onto shelves in a mere 381 days. Until then, we must consult other sources with our problems.

If our problem is “What is my best swimsuit? (I am pear shape)” we must read Kristin’s app.

If our problem is “How do I have a permanent tribute to Nick Zano permanently removed from my body?” we must ask Kristin’s cosmetic specialist.

Sometimes, though, we can go directly to the source. If our problem is “I can’t tell what the tattoo on Kristin’s neck is,” we can tweet at her for answers.

It’s a Capricorn symbol :).

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

[Photos via Getty/Kristin Cavallari Facebook Page]