Truth and time tells all, but The Hills’ Justaan Bobbay will live forever. Kristin’s former coworker and (alleged) ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby Brescia recently emerged from wherever he’s been to do an interview with Us Weekly about his current career as a hairstylist. His salon is right in his Manhattan loft.

JB didn’t say much during the interview, which took place in said loft, but he did cut his interviewer’s hair and reveal that he is in a band called Bobby Rock.

When the topic of ex-girlfriends came up, JB chose to talk about Kristin’s one-time rival for his attention, Audrina Patridge. “There were some points” where he and Audrina were dating for real, he said. “We worked so much together for such a long time that we’d work all these hours and then we’d go have dinner and do things together, but our schedules kind of collided.”

But did he ever really date Kristin? Us Weekly didn’t ask. (Weird—guess they don’t care.) Kristin’s on record saying the relationship was fake; in 2012, she told Bravo’s Andy Cohen, “I never really dated [Justin Bobby].”

Hmm. Then why is Kristin featured on his current haircare website?

A mystery like Mr. Bob himself. Maybe the truth will come out in Kristin’s time......

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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