Kristin Cavallari's first book, Balancing on Heels, drops in approximately 500 days. Starting today, we will begin marking the days on our calendar, which is a special two-year calendar, so don't worry, it has enough days. We will also mark the days here on Defamer, every day, for the next 500 days. What's happening on Day One of 500 Days of Kristin? Kristin's leaning in.

Since Kristin only has 500 days 'til Balancing on Heels hits Amazon, she is likely working quite busily on it. Perhaps she is auditing a class at the Iowa Writers' Workshop or buying Muji erasers. Whatever she is doing, it necessitated her leaving her two children briefly in the care of their father, her husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Some people write with the pen and some people write with the football. Everyone makes art in different ways.

Jay, unfortunately, seems none too happy with the arrangement. On Instagram, Kristin revealed a recent text conversation with her husband, who begs, "Need u home asap" and threatens, "I'm about to leave."

"What the fuck," Kristin responds, not letting a moment of marital stress compromise the cutting barbs we've all come to love and expect from her, and will hopefully be able to read more of in her book, which comes out in 500 days. Kristin captioned the Instagram:

Contrary to what many people think, we don't have a thousand nannies. So with that being said, when I got home from LA 2 days ago this is what I landed to. Pretty hilarious. Ladies, u want your man to appreciate u? Leave them alone with the kids to see what we deal with!

Good tip—can't wait to read more like it, bound together in leather, one thousand years from now.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin. Check back tomorrow for Day 2.

[Photos via Getty/Instagram]