Forty Days of Dating, the ever-grating performance art re-enactment of He's Just Not That Into You, will soon be coming to the literary world. Creators Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, not content to keep their romantic misery to themselves, will be releasing a book chronicling the 40 days they spent in 2013 trying to bump uglies while letting the whole world watch.

In a conversation a few short weeks ago, Goodman told me that he and Walsh—both graphic designers from New York—had no Hollywood or fame aspirations. Since then, they've signed with CAA, and sold their blog rights to Warner Brothers to turn into a movie.

Abrams will be publishing the art-heavy book, which "will include texts, conversations, artwork, photographs, and details of the romance before, during and after the experiment." Let's hope there's a very large section on the week they took off from their daily post publishing to go chase down all those Hollywood deals that they didn't even want.

[Image via 40 Days of Dating]