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Carelessly tossed into the ellipsis-riddled afterthought section of today's Scoop column was this shocking tidbit about Meg Ryan and her new Chinese baby:

Meg Ryan, who adopted a Chinese baby less than a year ago, has already changed the name of the tot. I already had to change her name, Ryan told Oprah Winfrey. I thought she was Charlotte and she s just not she s a Daisy.

Ryan was already on shaky ground after defying the clear precedent set by Angelina Jolie and going Chinese instead of Cambodian for her first adoptee (yes, we know the Adopt N' Go at the Beverly Center can be clotted with hopeful celebrity parents and the clerks can be relentless with their high-pressure sales tactics, but for God's sake, get on a waiting list!), but renaming the baby after choosing its first Anglo name is truly unacceptable. We can only hope the swap was made early enough in the child's development to avoid psychic damage that might only manifest itself years from now, when little Daisy Ryan can't explain to her kindergarten teacher why she keeps signing "Charlotte" at the bottom of each work of fingerpainted art.