On Wednesday, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s court-appointed representative Bedelia Hargrove filed a $10 million lawsuit against Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, accusing him of violent physical abuse that resulted in “loss of teeth, pain and suffering, and trauma that has required medical treatment.”

“No human being, male or female, should endure what Bobbi Kristina endured,” said Hargrove in a statement.

According to the lawsuit, Gordon started abusing Brown last year, “punching her in the face, knocking out a tooth, and dragging her upstairs by her hair.” At the same time, Gordon allegedly began transferring “a large portion” of Brown’s funds into a personal bank account without her consent, including $11,000 after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub earlier this year.

The complaint also strongly implies that Gordon’s abuse was responsible for that incident, which has left Brown fighting for her life since January:

Just prior to January 31, 2015, Brown had confided to someone that Defendant [Nick Gordon] was not the man she thought he was and set up a time on January 31, 2015 to meet with this person to further discuss this revelation.

Brown, however, never made it to the meeting. Instead, on the morning of January 31, 2015, Brown became embroiled in a loud argument with Defendant in her townhome. The loud argument ended and Brown was later found unresponsive and unconscious, face down in a bathtub, with her mouth swollen and another tooth knocked out.

In February, WSB-TV anchor Dave Huddleston reported that authorities had launched a foul play investigation into the Bobbi Kristina case focusing on injuries to Brown’s mouth and Gordon’s hand.

Gordon has yet to respond to the lawsuit, only tweeting a hopeful message about Brown’s recent transfer to hospice care before deleting his account earlier today.

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