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Blogger Standing Room Only was underwhelmed by the NYT piece on GraydonGate. He wrote to Defamer to break down the last paragraph of the article, noting obvious reporter fatigue. [Ed.note—In LA, we substitute "cocaine" for "No-Doze."]

Here's the final paragraph, obviously the result of too much No-Doze at four in the morning to make the deadline and do the NYT Victory Dance over those kids at LAT High :

Mr. Carter, a native of Canada who once worked as a railroad lineman, has cut a singular figure in New York publishing. = We're pretty sure he's not gay.

A former writer for Time magazine, he also edited The New York Observer after his years at Spy, where he was co-founder. = I have a subscription to Vanity Fair and Marie Claire.

Under Mr. Carter, Vanity Fair has won six National Magazine Awards, and in 2003 had the best business year in its history, with more than 2,000 advertising pages. = I use the perfume strips.

In his editor's letter for much of the past year, Mr. Carter has skewered the Bush administration and criticized the Iraq war. = Wow. Is that what that said?