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Both the NYT's and LAT's stories on Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter's cozy relationship with Hollywood have hit the street. Carter received a $100,000 "finder's fee" for suggesting to Imagine producer Brain Grazer that the book a A Beautiful Mind should be made into a movie. We would have scraped up $100,001 for Carter to keep his mouth shut and spare the world from the cloying piece of Oscar-baiting garbage that the movie eventually became. The LAT also casts a dubious glance at Carter's ties to Mirmax's Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who paid Carter and two others $1 million for a Spy retrospective book.

No word on whether Carter will reap another six-figure consulting fee for Troy after offhandedly mentioning to a Warner Brothers executive at last year's VF Oscar party that Brad Pitt (coincidentally, this month's VF cover boy) would probably look hot in a metal skirt.