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Fox recently issued a press release announcing it's new "wildly twisted" reality show, Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay (hosted by The Swan's Amanda Byram), in which two straight guys have to convince their friends they're finally coming out of the closet. Then, just hours later, Fox sent out another press release after gay activist group GLAAD protested some of the original's release's content. TV Barn has both the original release and the reissued one with an apology for their "failed," "ill-chosen" and "inappropriate" attempt at humor. The rereleased memo excised the phrase "It’s a heterosexual male’s worst nightmare: turning gay overnight" and a reference to a "jury of their queers."

We wouldn't want to suggest Fox intended to get some free publicity from a controversially-worded press release. Maybe we can try their PR department in front of a "jury of queers" and find out if there was an earlier press release where they described how the show's contestants had to try and avoid "getting fucked in the ass."