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The L.A.Weekly's Nikki Finke offers Defamer this update on her report about the LAT's and NYT's upcoming coverage of the Graydon Carter story:

[The NYT's] Bill Keller is so crazed about NOT being beaten by the LA Times on this Graydon Carter story that he has his staff rushing out a story within the next 12 or 24 hours! The staff is planning to do several stories on this and not just one big article. For days now, the NY Times has been chasing down the rumors of what the LA Times may be investigating about Carter but didn't have much success. Finally, this afternoon, the NY Times made some headway, at least enough to rush out a story. The LA Times is still on track for Monday.

These East Coast/West Coast things do get ever so heated...we don't want Keller letting this blow up into some kind of Biggie and Tupac situation.

[Thanks to New Yorkish for the graphic.]