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· Remember all of the buzz over the Friends finale last week? Spoilers flying left and right, hand-wringing pronouncements on What Friends Meant. Frasier ends tonight, and largely no one gives an eff. It did win a record 31 Emmys, but that's sort of like the kid who's just really bad at math and has rosy cheeks winning the Triple Jump at the Special Olympics every year. Anyway, Slate's Dana Stevens manages to use the word "jejune" while kissing Frasier goodbye and declaring the end of the "adult" sitcom.
· Harvey Weinstein is writing his memoirs. He'll probably leave out the part about all the money he probably owes Kevin Smith and Tarantino.
· The Smoking Gun has an old Friends test audience report that should have saved the world eleven years of watching Matthew Perry's head go from tiny to engorged to really engorged to sort of skinny.
· Lindsay Lohan is hosting the MTV Movie Awards. Her agent says they're real, by the way.
· Number of people in Hawaii, according to the Census Bureau: 1.2 million. Number of phone calls from Hawaii ostensibly voting for Hawaiian Jasmine Trias on American Idol last night: 1.3 million.
· No, it's not Hooters. E3: Nerds concoct entire industry just to hold a convention where they can have their pictures taken with scantily-clad women pretending not to be repulsed.