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And now some Kabbalah news so hot it seems to have come from THE FUTURE! According to a story with a Friday, May 14th timestamp at Big News Network (okay, we'll admit, we have no idea who they are), Madonna and Guy Ritchie have shaved off son Rocco's hair in accordance with some Kabbalah custom. A tip from a Defamer reader seems to corroborate the GOSSIP FROM THE FUTURE! (Cue whooshing sound effect.) Says the tipster:

Guy "Mr. Material Guy" Ritchie (aka babysitter), was seen with Rocco at Jamba Juice in Beverly Hills. Ritchie's growing a beard (where's the yarmulke?) and Rocco has a buzz cut - we heard that his long and girlish locks was to abide by some wacky Kabbalah tradition of not cutting baby boy's hair until they are 3.