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Who are the latest victims of Hollywood's insensitivity? Rural Americans. First Fox exported our celebutante trash to defile a small Arkansas town (not to mention this summer's slut-a-riffic road trip sequel). Now CBS wants to inflict a real-life version of The Beverly Hillbillies on the world and UPN wants to document Amish teens going buck-wild in the big city.

And our urban-deprived countrymen are up in arms, worried that the boonies are not being represented fairly. They're applying pressure at the networks, and at least UPN may be listening. Dee Davis, the president of the Center for Rural Strategies, wonders, "The Amish idea is particularly pernicious in that they're talking about five Amish young people, and peeking through the blinds to see if they are going to leave their religion. Who gets paid to come up with these ideas?" Someone should indeed lose their job—at Fox. If someone there hadn't dropped the ball, you'd already have a busload of Paris and Nicole skanking up the Pennsylvania Dutch country.