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Perhaps the only thing creepier than our America's recent obsession with the jailbait movies dominating the recent entertainment landscape is some guy applying practical mathematics to the quantitative comparison of said jailbait stars' talent levels. Blog The Snoozeletter crunches the numbers:

In their first big role, on Full House, The Olsen Twins (currently appearing in New York Minute) played one character. On the other hand, Lindsay Lohan (now headlining Mean Girls) starred as twin sisters in her breakout movie, The Parent Trap. This means Lindsay worked four times as hard (in creating two characters) as either Mary-Kate or Ashley (who created ½ character each). Ergo, each Olsen must be 25% as talented as Lohan:

2.0 ÷ .5 = 4 times the work; or .5 ÷ 2.0 = .25 the talent

Simple math is one thing, but we really don't want this encouraging anyone to send us 3-D CAD models of Lindsay's possibly-enhanced chest.