·Project Greenlight just winnowed down 1,733 entrants to 50 to make an interesting television show that will eventually put out an unwatchable movie.
·Gawkermonkey Choire is already face down in his own vomit by now, so we feel compelled to tell you about the debris from Billy Joel's drinky-drinky crashy-crashy being sold at auction for $1,075 American dollars.
·Bored? Go watch Detour in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, and try not to desecrate any graves.
·Thank God for French law and order: Riot police will shield the Cannes festival from starving, unhealthy actors with picket signs.
·The Friars Club is roasting Donald Trump. What's there to make fun of? He's rich and gets the Trump Salad tossed by one of the hottest women in the world. Oh, yeah. The hair.