We hear a rumor that the esteemed William Morris Agency, in an effort to better focus their money-making power, has started quietly cutting low-earning clients (this is great) alphabetically. Says a tipster:

We no longer have to listen to the lengthy list of available talent at William Morris at their roadshow meetings. In order to be lean and mean, WMA has been slowly dropping low income talent by letter and if the agent is kind, a follow up phone call in order to focus on the talent that is bringing the dough.

WMA clients: Start earning your keep, or change your name to Zzzy Zzzyva.

[UPDATE: Some readers suggest the we've hilariously misinterpreted the tip, and that the much more likely explanation is that "by letter" means "by writing a letter." Or, as we like to more accurately think of it, "by having their assistants write letters as the agents dodge dropped talent phone calls." Wow, we were really so in love with the idea of an agent asking his assistant if he has to fire "Jones" or "Kerry" first...]