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Defamer always welcomes tips from its readers, and we fully protect the anonymity of our tipsters the way that we ferociously guard our own.

So you want to be a Defamer tipster? Here are some things to keep in mind:

·Send tips from a free email account, like Hotmail or Yahoo. This will help keep you anonymous, and safe from the creepy IT guys that read your corporate e-mail. You may even want to open an account anonymously, just in case.

·Name names! Blind items are no fun for us. We want to know who you're talking about. And if a tip is too potentially explosive, we might turn it into a blind item anyway.

·We love all kinds of tips: spoilers, first-person accounts from movie sets/sound stages/TV tapings, whatever. Let us know when you see something juicy.

·We'll delete your e-mails if you ask us to, so that your identity stays safe.

So whether you catch Mr. A-List Actor creeping around an agency that doesn't represent him, or your producer boss is notoriously brutal to his assistants or constantly makes them do humiliating things, we want to hear about it! (We're very fond of assistant abuse stories; we've been there.) And trust us—the rest of the world wants to hear about it, too.